Credits: Music and Sound Design

Game Engine: Unreal 5

Published on: Epic Games Store

Publisher: PanoVerse

Publisher Website: https://panoverse.io/

Game Link: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/panoverse2-8b60d6

Card Summoner

Credits: Music composition.

Published on: Steam

Publisher: Happenstance Games

Game Engine: Unity

Game Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2955120/Card_Summoner/


Credits: Sound Design and music, Unity Implementation.

Game Engine: Unity

Publisher: Lost Our Box

Source control: GitHub

Published on: Steam

Game Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2984300/Terrestrial/

Talk Tics

Credits: Sound design, music, audio implementation and game audio mixing in Godot.

Game Engine: Godot

Source Control: SourceTree

Published on: Steam

Publisher: IHLI

Publisher Website: https://ilhi.gg/creators/

Game Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2882810/Double_Served/

Superstar Hockey

Credits: Goal horn sound design.

Game Engine: Unity

Published on: Apple and Android store

Game Link:

Homebound Mudig

Credits: Sound Design and Implementation in Godot.

Game Engine: Godot

Source Control: GitHub

Publisher: Vandit Games

Published on: Coming soon to Steam

Game link: https://twitter.com/VanditGames

Chronicles of Squiddick

Credits: Sound Design

Published on: Web

Game Link:


Gianpiero Dellorco

Rising sounds for a mobile game

"It was an excellent experience working with Pablo: I could benefit of his skills as specialist, and enjoyed the smooth communication from start to end. The most liked thing was his willingness to meet my requirement, he demonstrated this, and I finally received high quality sounds for my game. Recommended, even if I might get jealous for telling!"

Nikas Sharma

Sound artist for third person shooter game

"Exceptional communication skills and delivers everything on time . Would love to work with him again ! Just perfect💪🏾"

Big Idea Games Inc.


Goal Horn Sound Effects for Hockey Video Game

"Fantastic communication! Very responsive and extremely fast to iterate and try new ideas. Amazing enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the project. I have already hired him for my next project."

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Step 3

Do you offer sound design?

Yes. We offer sound effects, sound design, sound implementation, cutscene sound implementation, trailer sound implementation. Price varies per sound and or package discussed in the meeting.

Do you offer music?

Yes. Both Linear and Interactive music. If the music is interactive it would be implemented in FMOD or Wwise. Linear music would be implemented directly to the game engine. The price is per track and depends on its length and complexity.

How do you collaborate remotely?

We can collaborate effectively through GitHub. I will install FMOD, Wwise, or implement the sounds to Unity and or Godot.

Do you offer discounts for packages?

Yes. Packages are custom made during our meeting and discussions. We can include sounds, sounds and music, sounds and music and implementation, sounds and implementation, or even implementation only. Book a call and let's discuss.

Are you a one man team?

Depending on the project size I am able to involve more collaborators, trusted creators who can elevate the game audio production and integration.